Pork Faggots

Pork Faggots





Faggots are a traditional British dish originating here in the Midlands and the South West dating back to 1851. They are a mixture of pork, chopped liver, offal, breadcrumbs and herbs. They are very rich in flavour and are traditionally served with mash and peas. There are four faggots in a tray.
*COOKING* these faggots come cooked in a tin foil tray ready to put straight in the oven for 15 - 20mins at 180 degrees or taken out of the tray and put on a microwavable plate in the microwave for 3mins. In our experience these are best served with peas, onion gravy and mash potatoes...yum!!

Allergy advice

Contains. Wheat Flour, Spice Rusk, Rusk, Bread Rusk


Pork 25%, pork offal 20%, bread rusk, dried onion, colour e150c, stabiliser e451 (1)